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i315 by Motorola

Dependable Connections

When it's all about needing to respond to a call fast, connect with confidence with the Motorola i315, a reliable communications solution offering Original Push-To-Talk, Digital Cellular, text messaging and the MOTOtalk™ wide-range off-network digital walkie talkie. The i315 is also certified to meet tough U.S. Military Specifications for protection from shock, vibration, temperature shock, blowing rain, and humidity, and boasts a durable rubber overmold for dependable performance even in harsh environments.

   * MOTOtalk™ Off-Network Digital Walkie-Talkie
   * The Original Push-To-Talk Digital Two-Way Radio
   * Rubber Easy-To-Grip Overmold
   * Mobile-Originated Short Messaging Service (MO-SMS)
   * Integrated Assisted GPS




MOTOtalk™ Off-Network Digital Walkie Talkie feature creates a temporary short-range virtual network with other MOTOtalk capable units that keep users connected if the network is down, the signal is weak or in out-of-coverage areas by allowing them to manually transfer to a simplex two-way radio-to-radio communication. It is also useful for private or group communications when the signal is strong. MOTOtalk™ is a Push-to-Talk-based feature that operates like most any two-way radio.1

The Original Push-To-Talk Digital Two-Way Radio1 feature for reliable and speedy cross border instant connections, reducing long distance fees and simplifying multinational workforce coordination.1

Rubber Easy-To-Grip Overmold to ensure resilience and performance in tough working environments.

Mobile-Originated Short Messaging Service (MO-SMS) for on-the-go two-way text messaging when you are not available to make or receive calls.1

Integrated Assisted GPS coupled with Java™ location-based applications help you navigate to any destination with turn-by-turn directions, track your mobile workforce, or map out your path by marking waypoints.1

The Original Push-To-Talk Digital Two-Way Radio1

   * One Touch PTT (Push-To-Talk)
   * Private Call
   * Group Call
   * Quickstore Private IDs

Digital Phone

   * Meets Tough US Military Specifications
   * Rubber Easy-To-Grip Overmold
   * Assign Ring Tones to Contacts (MIDI, WAV)
   * Speakerphone
   * Voice Activated Dialing
   * VibraCall® Alert
   * Voice Record
   * Quickstore Phone Numbers
   * TurboDial® One-Touch Dialing
   * Multi-Language Support
   * SIM Card Operation
   * Keypad Lock
   * Time & Date Display
   * Wait and Pause Dialing
   * 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding

Message Center

   * Two-Way Text Messaging
   * Mobile Originated-Short Messaging Services (MO-SMS)1
   * T9® for Fast Text Entry
   * Consolidated Message Storage
   * Consolidated Send & Received Call Log
   * Voice, Net & Text Message Alerts1
   * Time & Date Stamp

Mobile Office

   * Built-In Internet Microbrowser
   * Wireless Modem
   * USB Compatible
   * Consolidated 600 Entry Contact List