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i605 by Motorola

Make Connections

The Motorola i605 is making connections with integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology. Experience true hands-free, wireless communication when you use a compatible headset with Bluetooth wireless technology with your i605. Using integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, you no longer need a cable to connect your phone to your laptop to use the wireless modem functionality. Your business requires that you stay connected to your customers and teams. Nothing helps you better than the i605.

   * Integrated Bluetooth® Wireless Technology1
   * Color Display
   * Selective Dynamic Group Call (SDGC)
   * Send via PTT to Exchange Contacts & My Info1
   * Military Spec-Durable




Integrated Bluetooth® Wireless Technology helps you exchange contact entries, voice recordings, calendar appointments and more with groups of Bluetooth users and lets you transfer and synchronize between devices.1

Color Display optimized for outdoor use.

Selective Dynamic Group Call (SDGC) allows you to connect to your entire team. Set up your own two-way radio talk groups on the fly, for up to 20 people and contact them all with the push of one button.1

Send via PTT allows easy sharing of contact information of yourself and others from the contacts list, and the information stored in the “My Info” section of your handset via the Push-To-Talk button.1

Military Spec-Durable Meets US Military 810 Specs for: low pressure, high/low temperatures, dust, shock, vibration and solar radiation.

The Original Push-To-Talk Digital Two-Way Radio1

   * Selective Dynamic Group Call (SDGC)1
   * One Touch PTT (Push-To-Talk)
   * Private Call
   * Group Call
   * Quickstore Private IDs
   * TurboDial One-touch Dialing

Digital Phone

   * Send Via PTT1
   * Speakerphone
   * Color Display
   * Voice Activated Dialing
   * SIM Card Operation
   * VibraCall® Alert
   * Integrated Assisted GPS1
   * Integrated Bluetooth®1
   * SDGC (Selective Dynamic Group Call)
   * Meets Tough US Military Specifications
   * Assign Ring Tones to Contacts
   * Quickstore Phone Numbers
   * TurboDial® One-Touch Dialing
   * Customizable Main Menu Order
   * Customizable Profiles, and Navigation Keys
   * Time and Date Display
   * Keypad Lock
   * Photo Sensor
   * Airplane Mode
   * Rubber Easy-to-grip Overmold

Message Center

   * Consolidated Send & Received Call Log
   * Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)1
   * Mobile Originated-Short Messaging Services (MO-SMS)1
   * Auto Answer
   * 3-Way Calling1, Call Waiting1 and Call Forwarding1
   * Consolidated 600-Entry Phone Book
   * Consolidated Message Storage
   * Voice, Net & Text Message Alerts1
   * Time & Date Stamp

Mobile Office

   * Openwave 7.02 Internet Browser1
   * Wireless Modem
   * USB Compatible
   * Consolidated 600 Entry Contact List
   * Datebook Functionality
   * T9® for Fast Text Entry


   * Downloadable Java™-Technology Enabled Applications
   * Downloadable WAV Files
   * Downloadable MIDI Ring Tones
   * Downloadable Wallpapers
   * Downloadable MP3 Ring Tones