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i730 by Motorola

Smart & Sophisticated

The i730 is a Sophisticated & Smart business communications device that combines the efficiencies of cutting edge technology with expressions of style. Its sleek silver housing and lightweight design is packed with smart features including a new animated graphic user interface, higher resolution color display for intuitive and easier navigation, Java™ technology to power applications for business productivity, and various personalization options.

   * External Display
   * Wait and Pause Dialing
   * 5-Way Navigation Key with OK Button
   * Voice Activated Dialing
   * Speakerphone




External Display easy-to-read for quick reference to time, date, battery life, and caller ID for incoming calls.

Wait and Pause Dialing for enhanced messaging that allows you to send and receive text lets you pre-program your phone to automatically navigate through automated menus for frequently dialed numbers such as your bank, insurance company, etc.

5-Way Navigation Key with OK Button to easily select highlighted items, place and answers calls, and allow for optimum menu navigation.

Voice Activated Dialing for quick and convenient connections no matter where you are.

Speakerphone with enhanced audio quality for dependable sound and easy conference calling while on-the-go.

The Original Push-To-Talk Digital Two-Way Radio1

   * One Touch PTT (Push-To-Talk)
   * Private Call
   * Group Call
   * Quickstore Private IDs

Digital Phone

   * Color Display
   * External Display
   * Assign Ring Tones to Contacts
   * Voice Record
   * Speakerphone
   * Voice Activated Dialing
   * VibraCall® Alert
   * Quickstore Phone Numbers
   * TurboDial® One-Touch Dialing
   * Multi-Language Support
   * Customizable Main Menu Order, Navigation Keys, & Profiles
   * Airplane Mode
   * SIM Card Operation
   * Smart Button
   * Time & Date Display
   * 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding1

Message Center

   * Two-Way Text Messaging1
   * Mobile Originated-Short Messaging Services (MO-SMS)1
   * T9® Text Input for Fast Entry
   * Consolidated Message Storage
   * Consolidated Send & Received Call Log
   * Voice, Net & Text Message Alerts1
   * Time & Date Stamp

Mobile Office

   * Built-In Internet Microbrowser1
   * Wireless Modem
   * USB Compatible
   * Consolidated 600 Entry Contact List
   * Datebook Functionality


   * Java™-Technology Enabled