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i833 by Motorola

Shaping The Lines Of Communication

Get ready to navigate the i833, a new landmark phone born from the minds of Pininfarina and Motorola. The sleek lines of this elegant car-like housing and titanium-colored finish are reminiscent of the famous Ferrari and Maserati automobiles designed by Pininfarina. It’s loaded with advanced technological and customizable features that will keep you cruising in the fast lane. By combining innovation and style with performance and speed, the i833 is truly Shaping the Lines of Communication.

   * The Original Push-To-Talk Digital Two-Way Radio1
   * Integrated Assisted GPS1
   * Mobile-Originated Short Messaging Service (MO-SMS)
   * Java™-Technology Enabled
   * Wallpaper Auto Cycle




The Original Push-To-Talk Digital Two-Way Radio1 feature for reliable and speedy cross-border1 instant connections, reducing long distance fees and simplifying multinational workforce coordination.

Integrated Assisted GPS coupled with Java™ location-based applications help you navigate to any destination with turn-by-turn directions, track your mobile workforce, or map out your path by marking waypoints.1

Mobile-Originated Short Messaging Service (MO-SMS) for on-the-go two-way text messaging when you are not available to make or receive calls.1

Java™ Technology Enabled for business applications that improve productivity or provide personal entertainment.

Wallpaper Auto Cycle lets you set your wallpapers to change automatically making “peeking under the hood” more pleasurable

The Original Push-To-Talk Digital Two-Way Radio1

   * One Touch PTT (Push-To-Talk)
   * Private Call
   * Group Call
   * Quickstore Private IDs

Digital Phone

   * Color Display
   * External Display
   * Assign Ring Tones to Contacts (MIDI, WAV)
   * Wait and Pause Dialing
   * Voice Record
   * Speakerphone
   * Voice Activated Dialing
   * VibraCall® Alert
   * Quickstore Phone Numbers
   * TurboDial® One-Touch Dialing
   * Multi-Language Support
   * Customizable Main Menu Order, Profiles, & Navigation Keys
   * Airplane Mode
   * SIM Card Operation
   * Smart Button
   * Time & Date Display
   * 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding1

Message Center

   * Two-Way Text Messaging1
   * T9® for Fast Text Entry
   * Consolidated Message Storage
   * Consolidated Sent & Received Call Log
   * Voice, Net & Text Message Alerts1
   * Time & Date Stamp

Mobile Office

   * Built-In Internet Microbrowser1
   * Wireless Modem
   * USB Compatible
   * Consolidated 600 Entry Contact List
   * Datebook Functionality


   * Java™-Technology Enabled