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When you never know where you’ll be next, you can still be in contact. No matter how much you move around, callers can now reach you by simply dialing your local number to connect to you anywhere, anytime, whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally. The Motorola i930 is the first dual mode (iDEN/GSM) Microsoft® Windows Mobile™-based smartphone that enables mobile professionals to consolidate devices, access email, calendar, and contacts remotely, plus make calls while abroad.

   * Microsoft® Windows Mobile™-Based Smartphone
   * Dual Mode (iDEN/GSM networks)
   * IrDA Port
   * Video Capture and Playback
   * Secure Digital Memory Card Slot




Microsoft® Windows Mobile™-Based Smartphone includes ActiveSync, which allows you to synchronize with Outlook® Contacts, Inbox, Calendar and Tasks, Pocket Internet Explorer, MSN® Messenger, Pocket MSN®, Pocket Windows Media® Player 10 and Voice Notes.

Dual Mode (iDEN/GSM networks) The Motorola i930 is the first smartphone with worldwide capabilities for iDEN/GSM networks, allowing you to connect anywhere, anytime, whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally.

IrDA Port Use the infrared port on your i930 smart phone to send and receive calendar appointments and contacts by beaming them back and forth between your i930 smart phone and another device that has an infrared port.

Video Capture and Playback allows you to record short videos on your phone or longer videos on phone models with a memory card. Playback allows you to watch saved videos on your phone at any time.

Secure Digital Memory Card Slot The i930 has a Secure Digital slot that can read from and write to Secure Digital Cards (also known as an SD Card). Secure Digital Cards are small flash memory cards designed for the storage of data on digital cameras, MP3 Players, PDAs, and other devices.

The Original Push-To-Talk Digital Two-Way Radio1

   * Selective Dynamic Group Call (SDGC)
   * One Touch PTT (Push-To-Talk)
   * Private Call
   * Group Call
   * Quickstore Private IDs

Digital Phone

   * ActiveSync- synchronize with Outlook® Contacts, Inbox, Calendar and Tasks
   * Pocket Internet Explorer
   * MSN® Messenger
   * Pocket MSN®
   * Pocket Windows Media® Player 10
   * Voice Notes
   * iDEN and GSM Network Support for Seamless International Travel
   * Integrated VGA Camera
   * Video Capture and Playback
   * Large Internal and External Color Displays
   * Integrated Assisted GPS
   * Secure Digital Memory Card Slot
   * IRDA Port
   * Java™-Technology Enabled
   * File Explorer (view, copy, edit files and folders)
   * SIM Manager (copies SIM phonebook to phone contact list)
   * Voice Recognition
   * Speakerphone
   * VibraCall® Alert
   * Quickstore Phone Numbers
   * TurboDial® One-Touch Dialing
   * Customizable Main Menu Order
   * Customizable Profiles and Navigation Keys
   * Airplane Mode
   * SIM Card Operation
   * Flip Form Factor with Smart Button
   * Quick Flip Button
   * Time and Date Display
   * 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting, and Call Forwarding1

Message Center

   * Two-Way Text Messaging1
   * Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)1
   * Short Messaging Service (SMS)1
   * T9® Text Input for Fast Entry Consolidated Message Storage
   * Consolidated Send and Received Call Log
   * Voice, Net, and Text Messaging Alerts1

Mobile Office

   * Wireless Modem
   * Date Book Functionality
   * USB Compatible
   * 600-Entry Contact List


   * Downloadable Java™ Technology Enabled Applications
   * Downloadable .NET Applications
   * Downloadable Videos
   * Downloadable WAV Files
   * Downloadable MIDI Ring Tones
   * Downloadable Wallpapers
   * Downloadable MP3 Ring Tones